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Now offering socially distant porch-traits

Times have changed and Sari n Queenie are changing with it.

What is a Porchtrait session?

A mini photography session at your house where you get 5x7 printed images AND digital copies, almost immediately.

Queenie and Sari Come to your dwelling and meet you at the entrance. I spend about 15 mintues photographing you and your quaranteam from a safe distance.  I return to my bus to upload the images and pick 15-20 of the best ones. I then call you via Zoom and share my screen so you can pick out your top ten images. We then pick three to print on the spot! I email you the ten images and deliver three 5x7 prints to your door.

Book San Francisco Days

Selected Days to serve the San Francisco Area

Book Denver, Colorado

Selected Days to serve Denver, Colorado in July!

Book Oakland / Berkeley / Richmond

Selected Days to serve the Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond Areas. 

Book Portland, Oregon

Selected Days to serve Portland, Oregon in November!

Book South Bay

Selected Days to serve the South Bay areas of San Jose, Mountain View and more

Book Seattle, Washington

Selected Days to serve Seattle, Washington in November!

Not in the listed Areas?
Have More questions?
Drop me a line - I'd love to talk about how we can make this work for you!

Thanks for submitting!

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