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“If you’ve ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of an artist, Sari’s photography offers a window into the world that you could sail a ship through. She doesn’t just take photographs, she crafts a story. She isn’t just using light as a medium, she is defining the way we look at life.”

— R. Smith

The Wandering Portait Bus is my dream,

my literal wheel house.

This is not a machine run photo booth, this is a human operated mobile photo studio that comes to your event to give something special and unique to your guests. 

 I am ready to do something different, something that truly moves me. I dreamed up the idea of a portrait studio on a bus. And here we are, a literal and figurative vehicle of my dreams in which I could operate my business. Where, most importantly, I can provide beautiful images to beautiful humans instantly. 

Without further adieu I am excited to bring to life The Wandering Portrait Bus. A place where stylized portraits can be created. Where technology and art meet to give you a tangible memory of your special moment. 

Want to hear my story?

Check out this podcast where I was featured on Focus on Women

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