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© 2019 by The Wandering Portrait Bus

We bring a solar powered

portrait studio to you

on a bus named Queenie,

That prints photographs for your guests. 

Let memories live.
Bring back the print with
The Wandering Portrait Bus.

The Wandering Portrait Bus is here to capture your best, happiest, fun self. We are here for your wedding, your event, your birthday, your company's head shots. We are here to capture the essence of you and we have the technology to give you a printed portrait of yourself almost immediately.

So it's like a Photo booth? 


​Not exactly... Let me explain.

If you are like me you are getting tired of your screens. You are getting tired of endless images and scrolling. I want something more concrete, I WANT TO BRING BACK THE PRINT.  A photograph is a historic relic of your past self, a time that once was, not something to get buried in our digital feed. Where holding a tangible memory means something more than an Instagram whisper of a moment. 

We host and attend events that are hall marks of our lives, but for some reason we still leave these heavily photographed events without having one lovely image of ourselves.

I want to change that. I want your guests to leave events with a beautiful portrait of themselves or with their friends. I want to photograph you with years of portrait photography experience embedded in each image. I want to print you a photo right on the spot and give it to you, ready to be framed. 

This is not a machine run photo booth, this is a human operated mobile photo studio that comes to your event to give something special and unique to your guests. 

 I am ready to do something different, something that truly moves me. I dreamed up the idea of a portrait studio on a bus. And here we are, a literal and figurative vehicle of my dreams in which I could operate my business. Where, most importantly, I can provide beautiful images to beautiful humans instantly. 

Without further adieu I am excited to bring to life The Wandering Portrait Bus. A place where stylized portraits can be created. Where technology and art meet to give you a tangible memory of your special moment. 

This is your world, I'd like you to see it!


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