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We make memories you can hold,

in a custom built portrait studio

on a bus named Queenie,

That prints photographs for your guests. 

The Wandering Portrait Bus X Sari Blum Photography is here to capture your best, happiest, fun self. We are here for your wedding, your event, your birthday, your company's head shots. We are here to capture the essence of you and we have the technology to give you a printed portrait of yourself almost immediately.

So it's like a Photo Booth? 


​Not really... Let me explain.


This is NOT a point and click selfie machine -

The Wandering Portrait Bus is a Professional Portrait Studio (solar powered, on wheels) with a professional portrait photographer (aka Sari Blum) taking your picture, posing you, creating a stylized edit specially curated for your event,

and printed on the spot. 

With 10 years of event photography under my belt, I know how special days can go by in a blink. I capture the moment so your guests can stay in it — and take home a tangible memory. 


The bus is custom-built with everything needed to run the portrait studio anywhere, including solar panels that power all my gear.


Photos are edited and printed in real time so your guests can take home their portraits right then and there. Fun fact: our printer prints a new photo every 12 seconds.

Images printed from past events.

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