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It's about bringing the Bus everywhere and people leaving with prints they LOVE

The 4 Step Process

1 - Queenie and Crew Come to You

2 - We design your set, On or Off the Bus

3 - We pose and photograph your guests

4 - They walk away with beautiful, frameable 5x7 Prints IMMEDIATELY

I stay in the moment so you don't have to. #bringbacktheprint

The Beauty is...

We can do anything

  •  Kids Birthday Parties

  • Family Gatherings

  • Wanderlust Engagement Sessions

  • Nomadic Weddings

  • Environmental Portrait Shoots

  • Festival Interactive Set

  • Themed / Costumed Sets

  • Company Retreats

Need some inspiration for where Queenie & Crew 

can Work with you?

What we do

Our team is comprised of three rockstars:

A professional photographer who is constantly posing and arranging anyone who graces our set to create the most beautiful version of you ready for your red carpet glam shoot, we got you!

An eagle eye editor. We shoot to a computer so we can watch all the images come in, place a unique stylish edit on our pictures. You think your insta filters are good... but we are better.

Finally - a print manager handles the images coming out of the printer - YES 5x7 BEAUTIFUL PRINTS - and gives them to your and your guests. 

All guests also have the option to email themselves a digital version on the spot. Our fabulous couple will receive a digital gallery of all the images as well. 

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